Summer Break Is Amazing | YINNE

Waddup you guys i’ts me Yinne I am back. My first week school-free, has been amazing! Everything went well, and I felt no pressure at all. Read More


Trauma at the Mall | YINNE

Waddup you guys, It’s me Yinne TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE SUMMER! I’ll tell you all about my last day of school, after-school time. Click “Read More” to read more Read More

Best Day Ever #OTRA | YINNE



Hey Guys, I am Yinne, welcome back to my blog.
Today I have a super cool post for you, all about The…. Best…. Day…. Ever!
My friend Sara, My cousins wife, Miriam, and I went to the One Direction concert in Belgium.
I know it’s like 3 days after the best day, but only just now I have time to simmer down.
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My Dancing Experience | YINNE

Hey you guys whaddup, it’s me Yinne,
Back to you with a new story

Today I want to talk about dancing. I hate sporting, PE is the worst, but I’ve alway loved to dance, in my house, in front of the full length window at night time, so I could see myself in the reflection. Or in my bedroom, jamming to the music.

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Two Days In The Same Clothes | YINNE


Waddup you guys, It’s me Yinne,

Today I found myself wearing the same outfit as yesterday, which is okay to me. It’s just the weekend, there is no one to impress and I would probably wear the same clothes all day and night. But since the sun’s out, I’d changed into my “tanning-outfit”, so I would changed anyways. Read More