Too Hot To Function | YINNE

Waddup yall it’s me Yinne,

Today was such a hot day, unbelievable. It was like 32 degrees (89.6 degrees F) out here, as said by snapchat, AKA way too hot to function. This weather got me so sweaty and sticky and I DONT LIKE THAT! Because it was so hot, my teacher decided that we could all go to our local supermarket to get ice. First I kinda thought he was kidding but he already walked out the door, and there we went, one teacher and a cabillion students going on a trip. Same as yesterday, a few classmates could go get ice creams for all of us, ‘cuz ya know; teachers love us.

Also today’s my cousin’s birthday, but because he’s in Australlia, we went to my aunt to celebrate his birthday with a nice BBQ. But soon the sky started turning gray and then there was thunder. We continued, but then we felt raindrops and we started moving inside to the dining table. It was raining cats and dogs. The rain did stop quick after, but I am, as you might call, a Stay-Inside-Warm&save-Person. Even though I dont really like meat, I had a great evening.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog

Come back in a couple days for a new post,
xx Love Yinne

Here’s what I wore:
Top – Urban Outfitters
Ripped Jeans – DIY (I wore black jeans, what the heck!)
Shoes – Vans IMG_0937IMG_0938


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