Two Days In The Same Clothes | YINNE


Waddup you guys, It’s me Yinne,

Today I found myself wearing the same outfit as yesterday, which is okay to me. It’s just the weekend, there is no one to impress and I would probably wear the same clothes all day and night. But since the sun’s out, I’d changed into my “tanning-outfit”, so I would changed anyways.

Also Yesterday, I went to visit my grandma in the old people’s home, where she lives and she said that she liked my socks, the socks that I have in a billion colours with ruffles, that I found in Primark. That made my day though.

Anyways we were having lunch in the restaurant on the first floor, where outside by the window, on a small bench an elderly lady sat. She tried to get up, but she coudn’t. I almost stood up and ran towards her to help, when an elderly man already helped her up. It was the cutes thing I’ve seen. The lady was smiling and thanking him. And I just sat there, behind the window looking at it, eating my lunch and enjoying the moment.

But when the lady walked away, the man sat down on the place where she just sat, and I thought, oh so you helped this lady just because you wanted to sit in the sun? And that wasn’t even the worst part. He started smoking and I was done, moment ruined.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog

Come back in a couple days for a new post,
xx Yinne

Here’s what I wore:
This top I got from Brandy Melville not too long ago but never really wore, My new pair of jeans from Bershka, I bought this weekend, I decided to take my own advice to progress! And my favorite pair of shoes: my white slip-on Vans.




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