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Hey Guys, I am Yinne, welcome back to my blog.
Today I have a super cool post for you, all about The…. Best…. Day…. Ever!
My friend Sara, My cousins wife, Miriam, and I went to the One Direction concert in Belgium.
I know it’s like 3 days after the best day, but only just now I have time to simmer down.
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June 13 2015,

At 6 am Sara and I woke up to be picked up at 7, by my cousin Mark and his wife Miriam. When we dropped off my cousin in Antwerp, the 3 of us continued the road. When arrived in Brussels we walked to the stadium and got the most fanciest bracelets ever.

We had to wait untill the doors open for a good 6 to 7 hours, While waiting 3 hours in line to go to the toilet and listening to the killing soundchecks, we survived.

When we got in the waiting line “B1” we obvious had to sit at the end of the line, but several times, people stood up and ran forward, so did we. This also happend when I was all alone because Sara and Miriam were waiting for hours in line for the toilet. I grabbed  our bags and our blanket which we sat on and ran through the crowd and over barriers. Rushing to get more to the front.

After we had survived the “waiting” part we finally could go inside the stadium. I think I’ve never been to a stadium let alone a foreign stadium, but let me tell you something: It was so big!

After a billion commercials and the support of McBusted, finally One Direction came. A thing I didn’t expect: I cried!
I cried so hard, when they came on stage, I saw them! I saw Niall! I saw all of them so clearly!  I cried during 18 or You & I or both. They sung 18 and No Control!! For the first time ever! I still can’t believe it.

I stood so close, I could see all of them so clearly. Too bad i record most of it with  a vlogging camera instead of my phone. the sound on the camera is so bad, the parts I record on my phone are way better.

IMG_1298 IMG_1299

When on Saras back during the concert, I could see Niall so much better. I, just like everyone else, waved at him. And he just stood there, playing his guitar, looking at me (okay looking my way, maybe not in my eyes but I did in his and I felt so connected) Sara said “I know for sure that Niall saw you, he just coudn’t wave back because he was playing guitar”, and I like to believe that.

Sadly enough after up to 2 hours the concert ended, with fireworks though. I wanted to buy the “#ORTA tour” tops but they were already sold out, so I got a top off the “four album cover” but that picture is just the worst.

I want to, Thank Miriam for the best Birthday gift ever and waking up so early,
Thank Mark also for waking up so early and driving to Belgium,
Thank Sara for pushing me and telling me what to do to have the best experience, we woudn’t have survived without you.
Thank the boys for the best time ever,

Thank you guys so much

Come back in a couple days for a new post,
Love Yinne

IMG_1236 IMG_1160 IMG_1145 IMG_1120 IMG_1114 IMG_1038


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