Trauma at the Mall | YINNE

Waddup you guys, It’s me Yinne TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE SUMMER! I’ll tell you all about my last day of school, after-school time. Click “Read More” to read more My official last schoolday was last Thursday, my last test was last Friday and now I only have to go to school to pick up my school report and to return my schoolbooks next week. This week I had a project week, from Monday till Wednesday. On my school we always have project weeks once in the 11 or 12 weeks. But this time it was a little different than usual. But in general I think they pulled it off.

Different because instead of our own teachers, an organization “SKOOL” gave us, the students, the workshops. What I liked about this project week compared to the others, is that you get to know the other students, from other grades and classes, better and you can try out different workshops.

The sad part about the last day of school is to leave my friends. I have been with most of my classmates since 2012. And next school year we’re all going our own ways. We all have to choose our own classes, well we already chose them. You can take different classes in a set. You have Economy & society, Nature & health, Nature & technology and the one that I chose Culture & society. The thing is literally no one in my class has chosen Culture & society but me. So the change is 9/10 that I will not have any classes with any of my “old” classmates. The 1/10 change is because we may actually do have a few class together like, History or Geography.

So, because today was the last day with my friends, I decided to finally go with them to the mall. One big happy family. Obviously I didn’t know I would go to the mall, so me with no money is going to the mall with my friends. We wanted to eat some food, so we decided to go to the “King of the Ribs”. My lovely friend payed my food, I got a coke, with some fries and a chicken burger, it was delicious. Fact: most of the times I don’t really eat that much “warm/hot” food. But today I was a vacuum cleaner. Lots of fries had not been eaten by there owner, so me as a maid, came to vacuuming that. yum!

Then we went to some stores. I got to try one some Levi’s short, one of my favorite brands, because one of my favorite “secret” youtuber name is Levi. Secret, because I don’t like talking about him, I like to keep him for myself. No WE in Levi. I finally found the right pair of shorts for me, but guess what, no money.

When going to a few other stores, some of us had to leave, it was already closing time in the mall. Then we got a text, my friend said (No quote): “Hi the bicycle storage is already closed, we’ve got a problem, I need to take the bus home.” I freaked. Because I had no money to pay the bus, no bus-card with me or anything but my phone, so eventually I text my dad, and politely asked him to come pick me up.

My dad came to pick me up though, but I was kind of embarrassed. I wanted to have a fun time with my friends, for the last time together before we would not together anymore, I leave with no money, I told my dad that I woudn’t be home for dinner and that I’ll be “late” home. Yes I had a fun time with my friends, until we made the fun go on for too long. The bicycle storage was closed!!! We all parked our bicycles in there, and then we all coudn’t go anywhere. Well some of us were on time or took the bus. But I had no money.

The thing is, I never go out of my room. Because things happen, bad things happen. When you go outside you’re asking for it. And you may be thinking “Yinne, maybe this happened because of karma.” #TylerOakley (this is one of my new favorite videos of Tyler) Lesson learned.

I hope you enjoyed my Trauma at the Mall, it’s probably not that worse as it sounds. Leave a comment below telling me a trauma that happend to you sometime. Also my next post will most likely be about my Youtube Channel get excited for that and subscribe if you haven’t already. Click here.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Make sure to come back in a couple days for a new post,
xx Love Yinne

PS: Now I have to go out (again!) tomorrow on my first free day, to get my bicycle. I have no idea how to get to the mall without a bus-card. I really need my bicycle, because I want to go to danceclass tomorrow. Please send help!


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