Summer Break Is Amazing | YINNE

Waddup you guys i’ts me Yinne I am back. My first week school-free, has been amazing! Everything went well, and I felt no pressure at all.

To make sure that I won’t get bored, or waste my time. I try to have at least 1 “big” thing done. For example, Thursday I had to pick up my bike at the mall. Friday I had a movie night party. Saturday I had to film my first youtube video!!!!!!! Sunday I had a Family party, and today I had to get some things done for my video.

Even though these things are little things and totally no biggie, it helpes me te actually get outside with this beautiful weather. If I woudn’t plan anything I’d probably be at home in my bed watching some TV-shows. What I won’t mind doing, but I’d rather spend my time doing other stuff.

I already planed my things for the few days, tomorrow I need to go get a hair cut, and pick up my sisters new bike. Wednesday I am going to edit my new video!!! Thursday I have to go to school to return my schoolbooks and I have to purchase some new summer clothes at the mall.

Let my know what your plans are for this week. Thank you for reading my blog. Make sure to come back in a couple days for a new post,
xx Love Yinne


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