The Impossible (Lo imposible) SPOILERS! | YINNE


Waddup you guys, It’s me Yinne.
Today I have a movie review for you. If you haven’t already guessed it’s about “The Imposible”.
I watched this movie this morning and it had such an inpact on me.


The movie is about a family (Maria, Henry and their three sons; Lucas (12), Thomas (7) and Simon (5), who go on a winter holiday to Thailand (December 2004). On December 26th the 2004 tsunami occurs. In the movie you first follow Lucas and Maria   trying to get together looking for help. They are both covered in blood, but Maria is seriously  injured she nearly died. Later in the movie you also see Henry and Thomas and Simon together. Henry sends his sons to the mountains while he stays looking for Maria and Lucas. They eventually find eachother, and they are send back to Singapore.


The movie came out in Oktober 2012 in Spain and in December in the States. Eventhough I have heard of this movie before I had never watched it. Today I was on Tumblr and saw some heartwarming “gifs” of the reuniting of Lucas Thomas and Simon. I am so glad I watched this movie, I love it so much, because it’s so good. Such a great acting and directing and editing and everything. I just can’t believe this really happened, it did because it’s based on a true story of Maria and her family.

With movies like this one, I always want to know how they did it, mostly: the tsunami. So I googled it and saw some behind the scenes and I just hate it so much. Because they did it with a fake scaled hotel. And it’s all so fake, the lighting looks bad, the blood and wounds are so fake and it looks so weird when they are hugging each other and crying in each others arms. SO HOW CAN THE EDITOR BE SO DAMN GOOD AT HIS JOB ITS AMAZING!

2.9.11 maxresdefault

If you want to watch a good drama/thriller movie I so recommend this one, please, you won’t regret it. Just don’t watch the behind the scenes.

That’s it for today, thanks for reading, comment below a movie that I should see.
Come back in a couple days for a new post,

XX Love Yinne



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